Kimes Ranch Million Dollar Breakaway Event


Press Release May 13, 2024
FORT WORTH, Texas- The Women’s Rodeo World Championship (WRWC) is excited to announce a collaboration with Kimes Ranch and CN Productions for the first-ever Kimes Ranch Million Dollar Breakaway roping event that will take place November 27 – 30, 2024, in Scottdale, AZ.

The Million Dollar Breakaway event has introduced a Women’s Rodeo World Championship (WRWC) Challenger Incentive that offers a tiered opportunity during the qualifying rounds, the last chance qualifier, Semi-Finals, and an exclusive WRWC Challenger Showcase during the first round of the Million Dollar Breakaway Roping. The WRWC Challenger Incentive will add $25,000 to this exclusive side pot.

“This is just another way to elevate the women of rodeo and an opportunity to continue to even the playing field for the ladies of the sport,” said Linsay Rosser Sumpter, WRWC Commissioner. “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Kimes Ranch and CN Productions for this one-of-a-kind inaugural event. Working together, we are confident we will deliver an unforgettable experience.”

The Challenger Breakaway Ropers are set to compete for a chance to participate in the WRWC Challenger Showcase, which will take place on November 28. The showcase will feature ten Challengers who have advanced from the Semi-Finals held on November 28. To qualify for the Semi-Finals, Challengers must participate in one of the following events:

Qualifier Rounds in Guthrie, Oklahoma – October 18-20
Last Chance Qualifier in Scottsdale, AZ – November 27
Final Buyback Round in Scottsdale, AZ – November 27

The Qualifier Rounds from October 18-20 will have $10,000 of added prize money. One Challenger from each of the three rounds and two Challengers from the average will advance to the Semi-Finals.

“Our goal with the Million Dollar Breakaway has always been to create an event where all women ropers can compete at any age or ability,”

Lindsay Perraton, Kimes Ranch Chief Marketing Officer. “Adding the Challenger Incentive and Showcase with WCRA is just one more way to reward the efforts this group of competitors is putting in to be a part of this historical competition.”

The Last Chance Qualifier will pay $5,000 of the added money and advance one Challenger from each of the three rounds and two Challengers from the average into the Semi-Finals. Before the Semi-Finals begin, there will also be a buy-back round that will advance one Challenger. The event will also include a showdown round, paying out $10,000. More information on the event can be found HERE.

All Challengers are eligible for the incentive if they meet the Challenger requirements (less than $10,000 annually and $30,000 in lifetime earnings), purchase a WRC ID, and enter the WRWC Sidepot Package from the NextGen Rodeo App.

Since launching in May 2020, the WRWC has awarded more than $3 million in new money to women's rodeo athletes. For more information about the WRWC visit

About Women’s Rodeo World Championship (WRWC):

The WRWC is the biggest annual purse for a women's rodeo event. It is a joint effort between the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) and the WCRA (World Champions Rodeo Alliance). The event is set to crown World Champions in the Women's Rodeo disciplines such as Team Roping, Breakaway Roping, and Barrel Racing, while also crowning an all-around champion. The competition is set to pay out more than $750,000 in 2024 and will take place in Arlington, Texas and Fort Worth.

About Kimes Ranch

With a multi-generational background in the Western industry, Matt and Amanda Kimes’ desire was to create a company that produced meticulously crafted denim without compromising on fit or style. Combining traditional elements of Western influence with forward thinking fashion, Kimes Ranch has expanded over the years to offer a full line of apparel and caps to complement their jeans. The brand's eye-catching logo, cohesive company culture, and detailed attention to customer service has created a loyal following amongst consumers. The classically inspired line of jeans has been featured in magazines including American Cowboy, Horse & Rider, Cowboys and Indians and Chrome Magazine as well as award winning television series Heartland and Yellowstone.