PBR Global Cup Round 2

Arlington, Texas
Sheri Smith (smith@smithprollc.com)

For the second time, Team Brazil has taken home the win of a PBR Global Cup event. 

The 2019 WinStar World Casino and Resort, presented by Monster Energy is packing up after an exciting week on US soil.  

But, some of that US soil will be leaving the stadium inside one of the horns of the 
Global Cup trophy.

The winning team takes soil from the arena of the host country and now Team Brazil holds the soil of Australia and America. 

Team Brazil went 11-for-18 to win 939.25 points and $365,100
Team USA - Eagles went 10-for-18 to win 867 points and $141,050
Team USA - Wolves went 8-for-18 to win 691.25 points and $88,400
Team Australia (info will be updated) and $64,150
Team Mexico went 4-for-18 to win 337.75 points and $50,300
Team Canada went 3-for-18 to win 258 points and $39,500

photo provided by PBR

Photo gallery from Meagan McElya  Simply Photography By Meagan